The First Night

I had two options for Bane the first night. The first being a kennel in my room and the second being his ex-pen. I thought I would play it by ear to see which he was more comfortable in. We started off in the kennel, which I placed on my bed. He cried for a very long time; it broke my heart. I knew it was a little scary for him to be in a confined space without his litter mates and all of the other animals from the farm. I placed a couple of chew toys inside with a few treats. I highly recommend doing all of this, even though in my case, I still only got an hour or two of sleep that first night. It’s a transition period for both pup and owner, and to a certain degree, you just have to roll with it and know it’s not going to be very pleasant.

After he had finally settled, and we both got about a bit of sleep, he started whimpering again, so I took him for a potty. He did go to the bathroom, and I thought we could settle down again. No such luck. I then opted to put him in the ex-pen for a while and tried to sleep on the couch. We both maybe got another hour of sleep. Like I said, it was a rough night, but it’s a lot easier if you go into knowing there’s a solid chance there won’t be much sleep.

Until tomorrow!


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